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Thursday, March 11, 2004


Well... in order to do the jewellery i have to learn rite?

So.. begins the courses.. at BeadHub... neat place down at Emerald Hill... such fun.. classes all day... and drinks all night.. haha
That's where I get my creative juices from... beers over at Ice Cold or No. 5

And the adventures continue.... i see some fairs coming up.... check back soon. :)

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

EthnicFusion..is born...

After a trip in 2002 which expanded my views.. I came back with the great idea to blend East & West in all things nice.. and add some of my spice..

I'm a girly girl.. who's got big dreams... and that included owning my own business... I also have my own sense of style and seriously think that people here could do better though there are some that are fab already!

So, with my idea, and armed with a course in Jewellery design, I embarked on the idea of EthnicFusion.

Being mixed as well.. with portuguese/asian rootz the name just stuck.. and I decided to have the basic ABCs of what every girly girl or woman of today needs - ACCESSORIES | BAGS | CLOTHES (i'll include the shoes bit later)

So... with some financial backing from my mum... EthnicFusion materialised

Stay tuned for our adventures in retail land....